Sensory soothers

In the journey of navigating our sensory world, our sensory preferences act as steadfast guides, directing us towards environments that resonate with our essence. On the other hand, sensory soothers play a distinct role, serving as cherished allies during moments of turmoil. These invaluable resources extend a comforting hand when our senses are overwhelmed, offering solace and rejuvenation.

While sensory preferences lay the groundwork for our comfort and alignment, sensory soothers emerge as lifelines amidst the storm of sensory overload. Picture them as beacons of tranquility, ready to rescue us and restore equilibrium when the waves of life threaten to engulf us.

Our quest for balance and happiness takes on a transformative hue as we embrace these sensory soothers. They become essential companions on the journey of self-discovery and motherhood, offering respite and relief in the midst of chaos. Let’s celebrate the power of these lifelines, for they hold the key to not just surviving but thriving in the intricate dance of life. May your path be adorned with the serenity and joy that sensory soothers bring, guiding you towards a life filled with balance, growth, and boundless happiness.

Please fill in your sensory soothers in the open space dedicated to these inside your workbook.

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