Congratulations on reaching this profound moment in your journey. By embodying your serenity, you’ve taken a significant step in mindful motherhood. May the peace you’ve cultivated be a constant companion, and may your Serenity Toolkit serve as a sanctuary on this beautiful path.

If this journey provoked you to discover even more, please know that there are several options to go from here. You can either grab your “mindfull motherhood essentials”, wich is a bundle of tools to guide you to serenity on your motherhood ( like meditations, yoga classes, rituals you can implement or add to your own serenity toolkit that you just created). Or you might want to join my online yoga studio with a subscription, where you can choose longer classes of yoga, pilates or meditations by theme or bodypart, this will include monthly “live” posture clinics.

Please let me know in a DM on instagram or in the facebook group of “balancing MOM-life” if you are interested in one of these options, I’d love to hear from you & connect!

For now, enjoy your amazingly crafted serenity toolkit, and have a great joyous day.

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