After you have crafted or during your crafting you can always alterate your toolkit as you wish. Feel free to try some new things, test it and maybe try somethinng else. Make sure it is doable for you, and it doesnt feel overwhelming. This way you can make it a habbit way easier. If it starts to feel natural, easy and serene to use your serenity toolkit as crafted, you are ready to add an extra thing or two to your serenity toolkit if needed.

You can add Mindful motherhood essentials to your toolbox:

Please note that this course can easily be combined with MINDFUL MOTHERHOOD ESSENTIALS bundle. This way you have a library of tools all done for you. So if you want a quicker solution than creating & searching your own serenity toolkit, this might be something for you to add. You can still create your own serenity toolkit. Instead of making your own tools, you can choose from these “ready to implement” tools, into your own serenity toolkit. As the name already spills, this bundle is especially made for moms. It’s a bundle of essentials such as yoga classes, breathing exercises, meditation and visualisation practices, yoga nidra’s, affirmations and more. So enjoy this amazing bundle alongside this course or mix it al up! It will be a valuable asset in your mom-life either way.

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