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Where moms create calm & radiate positivity and joy
by incorporating a healthy balanced life

Balance my world (BMW)

Bring balance into your life by doing the work nessaccary

This is a group-coaching-program specially curated for women to improve mindset, nutrition, movement and communication. The purpose of this program is to bring balance into your personal life on different aspects, through short video’s and implementation assignments.

BMW is the go to solution for women who want a straight to the point approach, easy-to-implement strategies, a community of support, live group-coaching, and one super easy place to house it all.

Being a mother is learning about your STRENGHTS you didnt know you had, and dealing with FEARS you never knew existed

I am Eileen

A transformationcoach, yoga-teacher
and parenting expert

Everything on this page is created to help moms like you create a mindful life of calm, joy and balance to become the best mom you can be and raise positive intelligent children.

Wherever you’re going next, i’ve got an offer or resource for you to get their faster. Just keep scrolling to find what you need and i’ll be here to cheer you on in your minndful motherhood-journey!


The road from here to SERENE MOTHERHOOD, and more…

mom-course - Create your own serenity toolkit cover ~ serene motherhood

mini course

mom-course - Mindful motherhood essentials

bundle course

mom-course - rock your momhood, a positive parenting program. Visual with mom and daughter connecting with each other in nature.

parenting program


Acces to: Hatha yoga, yin yoga, vinyasa yoga, pilates, meditation, yoga nidra & live alignment coaching every month

Optional add-ons: Flexibility training, Chakra-course, Handstand-training

Balancing mind talks, for moms

The podcast where momhood and mindset come together

Through my podcast channel and YouTube, I share inspiration in the realms of self-love, consciousness, and balance in motherhood.

By tuning in to the weekly Balancing Mind Talks for moms, you’ll get to know yourself better and journey through motherhood with more gratitude and awareness, thereby increasing your self-love. We also delve into practical tips that you can immediately integrate into your family-life. It’s the place to effortlessly gain more knowledge and inspiration on mindset, self-love and motherhood struggles, so you can get started on a balanced mom-life filled with gratitude, peace, and confidence!

Listen now on

> or watch the video on my Youtube-channel

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My favorite TOOLS to support me in journey towards a HEALTHY lifestyle and MINDFULNESS

LOOPS – Experience plus

– Prevents overwhelm –
Philips wake-up light

Inproves bio-rithm
Garmin watch Venu S3

-Mindfulness & Health tracking-