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Emotional intelligence is not just a BENIFICIAL TRAIT in motherhood; it’s absolutely ESSENTIAL. Mastering emotional intelligence allows mothers to navigate the complex emotional landscapes of both themselves and their children effectively. This skill is pivotal in understanding and RESPONDING to children’s needs sensitively and appropriately, which is crucial for their emotional and psychological development.

Armed with high EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, mothers can maintain PATIENCE, exhibit EMPATHY, and HANDLE THE STRESS and joys of parenting with commendable RESILIENCE. Such capabilities enable them to foster a nurturing environment where their children can thrive emotionally, socially, and academically. In essence, the higher a mother’s emotional intelligence, the BETTER EQUIPED she is to raise well-rounded and emotionally healthy individuals.


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Ready to improve your emotional intelligence and health?

Many moms often put themselves last when it comes to care. It’s important to shift this and set a good example for your children. This means eating healthy, staying active, creating empowering routines, enjoying some quiet time alone, maintaining a positive outlook, staying calm in tough situations, showing love for oneself and one’s feelings, and communicating clearly and positively.

This program is NOT about parenting, it is all about getting you as a mom in the best shape you can. Only when you feel at your best and have the knowledge to stay calm and healthy, you will be able to give the same love and attention to your family.

A mother’s emotional intelligence is her SUPERPOWER, transforming everyday moments into opportunities for GROWTH & CONNECTION


Journaling & positive affirmations have a positive effect on your mindset and boost your emotional intelligence. It’s n easy tool to handle emotions, reflect on actions and explore your dreams.

To help MOMS like you discover how journaling can support and enrich their motherhood journey I designed the perfect MOM-JOURNAL. This journal will enhance your emotional intelligence and supports your journey with challenges, quotes and tips along the way.

All of my books are consciously created to support mindfulness, re-program your brain, or teach life lessons and support a positive mindset & emotional intelligence.

In the heart of a MOTHER, emotional intelligence FLOURISHES, guiding her through the tender dance of NURTURING and LETTING GO.

Create your own PERSONALIZED & HEALTHY daily routines

Unlock the power of daily routines to boost your emotional intelligence, with this mini-course.

In the busy world of motherhood, daily routines are the secret to a balanced and thriving life. Imagine starting each day with purpose, effortlessly flowing through your tasks with a sense of calm and control.

Our mini-course, “CREATE YOUR OWN DAILY ROUTINES,” is your guide to achieving this serene lifestyle. You’ll uncover the incredible benefits of structured routines – from improved health and well-being to enhanced productivity and stress reduction. With expert guidance, you won’t need to spend hours researching or figuring out what works best for you. We’ll provide you with the tools and insights to craft routines that fit seamlessly into your life, making it easier to prioritize self-care and family time. Embrace the simplicity and health benefits of personalized daily routines, and let us help you create a life where you and your family can thrive.

create your own daily routines, a selfpaced course for creation
mindful motherhood essentials, a bundle course to boost your calmness


With Mindful Motherhood Essentials, you’ll embark on a transformative journey that empowers you to ignite your inner wisdom and achieve lasting inner peace and health.

Imagine waking up each day with a renewed sense of calm, ready to embrace the joys and challenges of motherhood with grace and confidence. This bundle isn’t just a collection of practices; it’s a lifeline designed to help you cultivate emotional intelligence and resilience.

Through yoga, meditation, and practical tools, you’ll discover the secrets to a balanced, joyful life, fostering deeper connections with your children and creating a serene, nurturing environment for your family.

Dive into this journey and let the Mindful Motherhood Essentials guide you towards becoming the serene, empowered mother you’ve always aspired to be. Don’t miss the chance to transform your motherhood experience – start your journey today!