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Mindfull motherhood essentials

An online self-paced bundle TAILORED to mothers seeking to embrace mindful & serene motherhood.

It includes yoga, meditation, and practical tools to foster a DEEPER CONNECTION with yourself and your kid(s).

Welcome, Beautiful mom!

In the beautiful chaos of motherhood, we often forget to NURTURE the most important person in the equation – YOU. Mindful Motherhood Essentials is not just a bundle; it’s your invitation to create a HAVEN OF SERENITY amidst the bustling symphony of life.

treat your body, nurture your soul,

What will you get in this bundle-course?

Imagine a SANCTUARY where every inhale brings you calm, and every exhale releases the weight of the world. Picture a space where yoga becomes not just a practice but a LIFELINE, and meditation is a daily retreat for your soul. Envision PRACTICAL TOOLS that nurture a deeper connection with both yourself and your little ones.

Embrace the Magic of Mindful Motherhood

Yoga Classes:

  • Embark on a journey where each yoga pose is a note, and together, they create a melody of calm. Our ready-to-use yoga classes are your canvas. Paint a picture of strength, flexibility, and peace, allowing your body and soul to dance in harmony. Dive into tailored yoga sessions designed for every stage and obstacle of motherhood


  • Close your eyes, and let the gentle whispers of our guided meditations transport you to a serene world within. Feel the stress melt away as you immerse yourself in moments of tranquility. These meditations are not just practices; they’re your daily retreats, your sanctuary. Discover the power of stillness with guided meditations. Transform daily challenges into opportunities for growth, and reconnect with the resilient and beautiful soul within.

Healthy Habits & Lectures:

  • Nourish your body and mind with our health lectures, crafted especially for you as a mom. Explore the art of creating your healthy habits, embracing wellness as a journey, not just a destination. Let these habits be the seeds of a healthier, happier you.


  • Words have power, and our affirmations are your daily dose of positivity. Affirm your strength, your resilience, and your capability as a mother. Let each affirmation be a gentle reminder that you are enough, and you are doing an incredible job already!

Unlock a treasure chest of practical tools that foster a deeper connection with yourself & your health. From mindful eating to stressmanagement, affirmations to breathing-exercises, there are all kinds of resources within this “mindfull motherhood essentials” bundle, to empower yourself and make each day a mindful adventure.

Why this bundle?

Embrace mindful motherhood. Embrace your true self.

With this “mindful motherhood essentials” we don’t just offer a bundle; it’s a commitment to your well-being. As you embrace each tool, feel the winds of transformation, and witness the blossoming of a serene, empowered you. This is your time to shine, to bloom into the mindful, joyful mother you were born to be.

Ready to embrace a life where BALANCE and HAPPINESS are not just dreams but your everyday reality? Click below to begin your journey with these ESSENTIAL tools for serene motherhood.

What you’ll GAIN:

Joyful moments:

Rediscover mornings filled with laughter, afternoons of playfulness, and evenings wrapped in shared warmth. Mindful Motherhood Essentials is a treasure trove of practices turning every moment into a cherished memory.

Embracing unconditional love:

In this bundle-course you’ll find a gentle reminder to embrace self-love. Through affirmations and meditations, rediscover appreciation for yourself, fostering a deeper connection within and radiating love into your motherhood journey.

Inner strength:

Delve into a sanctuary for rediscovering inner strength. With each yoga pose, meditation, and health lecture, you’re tapping into a reservoir of resilience. This course becomes your daily companion in building physical and mental fortitude. A healthy mom is a powerful mom.

Nurturing emotional balance:

Navigate the emotional rollercoaster of motherhood with grace. Mindful Motherhood Essentials is your toolkit for fostering emotional balance, making each day a harmonious dance of emotions.

Transforming mindfullness:

The yoga classes and meditations become threads weaving a tapestry of connection between mind and body, making you more conscious of yourself as a person and as a mother. Transform stress into serenity with our carefully crafted essentials. Craft personalized healthy habits that align with your unique journey in motherhood, and witness the positive ripple effect in your life.

This isn’t merely a course; it’s a JOURNEY into the heart of motherhood, where emotions are felt deeply, transformations are profound, and joy becomes a WAY OF LIFE. Ready to enjoy this transformative journey with the “mindful motherhood essentials”? Click below to unwrap the gift of emotional well-being and calmness for your MOM-life.

Investment in YOURSELF:

Begin to unpack your TOOLBOX today

For only €157,- you’re not just joining a bundle-course; you’re investing in your WELL-BEING and the well-being of your family with these TOOLS. Every day it will get easier to use and IMPLEMENT the essentials for a mindfull motherhood into YOUR DAILY MOM-LIFE.

Click below to start your journey to MINDFULL MOTHERHOOD, for unlimited use of these specially crafted essentials.


Hear From Our Serene Mothers

Amidst the whirlwind of MOTHERHOOD,

let mindfulness be your ANCHOR,

and serenity, your constant companion.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Clarifying your journey

Do I get acces right away?

Yes, after enrollment & payment you’ll get instant acces to the balance academy (link will be send via email). The balance academy is the online space where you can sign in to your personal space and find all of your enrolled online courses or programs.

How long do i have acces to this bundle-course?

You have unlimited acces to this course for as long as it’s up & running in my business. (lifelong acces in the mouth of most entrepreneurs). The duration will vary from person to person, depending on how much content you will cover each day or week.

Why should i choose this bundle instead of joining your online yoga studio?

Good question! The power of this bundle-course is in fact that every class, meditation or health lecture is especially crafted for moms. This entails the struggles most mothers experience, and puts the focus on these themes, to get faster result of achieving mindfullness in your motherhood. All essentials are exclusive to this bundle-course, wich means that it is additional to all classes in my online yoga-studio. You are most welcome to join my online yoga studio (as well), to get a wider range of yoga classes, pilates, posture clinics and more.

Join the balanced MOM-life community:

Connect with LIKE-MINDED SOULS in my free Facebook community “Balanced mom-life” to stay on top of your game & feel supported in your journey to serene motherhood.