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Masterclass consciousness & balance (EN)

This masterclass on awareness and balance shows you how important it is for a healthy and happy life. If a balanced life is what you want, I would love for you to participate in this masterclass so you can get the most out of it!

See you there… Love Eileen

Masterclass Consciousness & balance

The next masterclass : 06-09-2023

Why is consciousness & balance important for a happy and healthy life?

With this masterclass I want to create more awareness in your brain. How we see things also ensures how we experience things. 2 people in the same room, during the same event, will therefore always tell a different perspective or story. Even if they have completely the same background and knowledge. this all has to do with the programming in your brain, wich colides with your thoughts. We dive deeper into the power of your thoughts and the important pillars needed to form the basics of a balanced life.

When you’ve read my e-book about balance, you’ll know that there are multiple factors responsible for the state of balance you experience in you body & mind.

What does balance mean to you?

a sequal to the e-book ,

for a deeper understanding!

I can’t teach you balance,

you experience it from within yourself

It’s a feeling

Rather want to read the e-book first?

Sign in anyway, and download your e-book in the mean time!

In the same theme ( consciousness and balance) i’ve written a book, that is free to download.
In this e-book i already give you 10 tips to work with for a better balanced life. Ditd you not get it yet? GET IT NOW! This way you can already do some readings before the masterclass starts and you can get to know me a little better on beforehand. By incorporating these tips you can ask me more targeted questions during the masterclass itself, if you have any.

I want the e-book with 10 tips for more consciousness & balance in my life