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Create your own daily routines

Discover your path to health & calmness with your PERSONALIZED toolkit.

Welcome, Beautiful mom!

In the whirlwind of MOTHERHOOD, finding your sanctuary of calm is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity. Dive into our transformative mini-course, “Create Your Serenity Toolkit,” and embark on a journey towards a more balanced, joyful motherhood.

create your own daily routines, a selfpaced course for creation

What will you learn in this course?

Uncover Your Calm, explore your inner landscape

  • Discover the pain points and triggers that may be keeping you from serenity. This section is a gentle exploration, guiding you to unearth what truly matters to you.

Craft Your healthy calming tools, personalized tools for peace

  • Guided by Eileen as your expert, you’ll craft healthy calming tools that aligns with your essence. A downloadable template and a soothing meditation will be your companions in this creative process.

Healthy Routines for Future Serenity, setting the foundation for joyful living

  • Learn how to build healthy routines that contribute to your ongoing serenity. This section is about empowering you to create a life that resonates with peace and purpose.

Why this mini-course?

Embrace Transformation

This mini-course is more than a journey; it’s a TRANSFORMATION. And as transformations are always personal, everyone has different aspects to focus on in their motherhood. With this approach you can get a HEALTHY & PERSONALIZED DAILY ROUTINE, without searching the knowledge & health benefits of each tool being nessacary. With my guidance, you’ll emerge with not just a toolkit but a newfound understanding of yourself, a set of personalized tools for serenity, and the knowledge to cultivate a future filled with joy and calmness as a MOM.

What you’ll GAIN:

Personalized daily routines, that you can stick to:

  • Crafted uniquely for you, this toolkit is your secret to calm in the chaos. Your beauty routine becomes a self-love ritual, each gentle touch a reminder. Movement comes alive, unsticking your body and bringing harmony. This toolkit is a sensory journey, crafted for peace and joy in your everyday MOM-life.

Insights into Your Triggers:

  • Picture yourself navigating the unpredictable waves of motherhood with newfound grace. Understand the colors and shapes of your triggers, like painting on the canvas of your life, transforming chaos into art.

Guided Meditation:

  • Close your eyes and let the gentle voice guide you through a symphony of serenity. The soothing sounds transport you to a mental oasis, where the laughter of your children mingles with the harmonious notes of tranquility.

Blueprint for Healthy Routines:

  • In the morning, as you inhale the aroma of your favorite tea or bread, envision the day unfolding with purpose. Feel the grounding routine of your morning stretches, the sweet scent of success as you carve moments of serenity into your bustling day.

Your personalized toolkit becomes a SANCTUARY, a visual masterpiece of your growth, and a symphony of well-being that echoes through your daily routine. Enroll now and let the journey to balance and happiness begin.

Investment in YOURSELF:

Begin your TRANSFORMATION today

For only €27, you’re not just joining a mini-course; you’re investing in your WELL-BEING and the well-being of your family. Click below to start your journey to a more SERENE MOTHERHOOD, for less then a fresh flower bouquet.


Hear From Our Serene Mothers

In the QUIET MOMENTS of motherhood,

discover the extraordinary POWER of a serene heart

– your greatest gift to yourself and your children-

Frequently Asked Questions:

Clarifying your journey

Do I get acces right away?

Yes, after enrollment & payment you’ll get instant acces to the balance academy (link will be send via email). The balance academy is the online space where you can sign in to your personal space and find all of your enrolled online courses or programs.

How long does it takes to create this toolkit?

That depends on your effort ofcourse. It has questions that you need to answer. Some people need a bit longer to really think about it, others know the awnser right away. This course is designed for you, to be able to create this with as little effort as possible, guided with a workbook & templates.

Why should i create a toolkit myself? There are ready to use tools right?

Good question! The power of your own personalized toolkit is that it is yours, based on your comfort, your values, and your triggers. But, yes there are ready to use tools, infact if you rather have that you can take a look at the “mindfull motherhood essentials” bundle.

Your serene motherhood awaits

Don’t let another day pass without stepping into the serene motherhood you DESERVE. Join “Create Your Serenity Toolkit” and take the first joyful step towards a more balanced, peaceful life as a mom.

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Get your own HEALTHY ROUTINES now!

Don’t let another day pass without stepping into the serene motherhood you DESERVE. Join “Create Your Serenity Toolkit” and take the first joyful step towards a more balanced, peaceful life as a mom.