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THE podcast that’s all about holistic SERENITY, self-love, and self-care, tailored specifically for moms.

Welcome, Beautiful mom!

These short talks are here to inspire & help you discover serenity in your motherhood.

Its about holistic serenity, transformation, self-love, and self-care, with a twist of brainprogramming and parenting here and there.

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Podcast; BALANCING MIND TALKS for moms

Balancing mind talks, for moms

Through my podcast channel, I share inspiration in the realms of self-love, consciousness (brainprogramming), and balance in motherhood.

Every Thursday a new episode is released. These balancing mind talks are short, powerful, and straight to the point, so there is no time wasted in your already busy mom-life.

By tuning in to the weekly Balancing Mind Talks for moms, you’ll get to know yourself better and journey through motherhood with more gratitude and awareness, thereby increasing your self-love. We also delve into practical tips that you can immediately integrate into your family-life. It’s the place to effortlessly gain more knowledge and inspiration on mindset, self-love and motherhood struggles, so you can get started on a balanced mom-life filled with gratitude, peace, and confidence!

By Eileen Rooijackers – I LEAN ON GREEN

Your host is Eileen Rooijackers, a fellow mom and a certified transformationcoach, nutritionist & yoga-teacher. She is passionate to share her understanding of serene motherhood with you in not only her podcast ut in all her offers standing. Serene motherhood for Eileen means; peace of quite in your mind, a healthy lifestyle to fall back on, recharching mindful-me-moments as a mother, and a nurturing and loving family bond with both your kids and the people around you. Once you have experienced this feeling of serenity, you will be more happy, resilient and fun as a mother, wich is most of the time what we want to set as an example for our kids.

You can expect short talks about mindfull motherhood, wich increases your consciousness & understanding. The goal of this podcast is to inspire & help you achieve a positive mindset, more joy and serenity as a MOM.

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