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Hi, I’m Eileen

Mom, entrepeneur, wife, expert, woman

Bridging the gap between
being a mom & emotional intelligence

Being a MOM is much more than just parenting. It’s about being a role model, maintaining your own identity, and balancing your roles without losing yourself. Naturally, every mom wants to raise their child in the best possible way.

That’s where EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE is crucial. It’s not only important for managing your own life, but it’s also key to teaching your child to handle their emotions. This helps in nurturing resilient children who can thrive in today’s world. I’m here to help you with personal growth and guide you in your PARENTING journey.

Peaceful parenting

How my journey started

I am married to my ROCK in the hottest summer ever! Our parenting journey started in 2016, when our son “Tyler” was born. In 2018 my daughter “Hailey” completed our family of 4.

Over the years I’ve learned so much about myself, parenting and emotional intelligence. Everything shifted, and peaceful parenting became a new way of life after i suffered from brain-injury and on top of that struggled with a burn-out.

Things we keep working on

Family-bonding, keeping screens off!, raising my kids in a loving – no yelling environment, teaching healthy living, applying emotional intelligence in life, having quiet time, creating a positive mindset.

You probably would’nt guess

My husband and i dont always agree with each others approach, loving communication is therefore key in our relationship. & 7 years ago, I did not know what a balanced life felt like, i had to learn (and unlearn!) from scratch, and so can YOU.

Some non-negotiables
in my life & biz


I will always show up being brutaly honest, vulnerable and in the moment, to support your personal or parenting journey.

Selfcare is key

If you dont take care of yourself, you can’t take care of others.
Set boundaries, communicate and retreat whenever you need. Judgement is a reflection of your own fears.


Life is filled with opportunities to continued learning, in both parenting, personal devolpment and business you are always able to grow. Discover your best life by being curious and implement what you learn.

Behind the screen

Most excited about right now

Publishing my own children books & journal, and finding new ways to uplift my business.

Low-key obsessed with

My family (always comes first!), vegetable gardening, designing our outdoor living space, veggie-baking, all forms of yoga.

You probably would’nt guess

I’ve been told i couldn’t move my body normally after an accident (Thank you yoga!), my current dream is to opening a retreat venue and lead retreats, I would love to travel the world by a sailingboat with my family.

Conscious writing…

I have been journaling & writing poems (mostly for myself and friends) all my life. It’s been an essential way for me to handle my emotions, explore my dreams and express my love. That’s why all of my books are consciously created to support mindfulness, re-program your brain, or teach life lessons and support a positive mindset & emotional intelligence.

I want to help other moms discover how journaling can support and enrich their motherhood journey. That’s why I’ve started designing the perfect journal for moms!

Since I was young, I’ve always wanted to write a book. I aimed to support the journey of motherhood beyond just self-care, which brought me to embrace peaceful parenting. This writing-journey started when my son wanted a story about an animal. This inspired me to write a story that combined learning with everyday life. Soon, my daughter asked for a story about another animal. This led me to write several stories, teaching about emotional intelligence and integrate animals behavior. From this experience, my dream to create a series of children’s books became a reality.

The conscious explorer series is published in English and Dutch!

Eileen’s professional story:

Meet Eileen, an expert in the fields of transformation coaching and yoga teachings. While blending these areas, she seamlessly integrates her skills into her coachings and online courses & programs and her own parenting. But that’s not all – Eileen’s wisdom extends to plant-based nutrition and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), making her a well-rounded guide for holistic positive parenting.

Her passion lies in empowering moms with young children (specifically those aged 2 to 8), to not only nurture their little ones mindfully and positively, but also to empower yourself as a mom and as a woman on its own.

Eileen’s mission as a mom & entrepeneur is clear: she aims to equip moms with the tools and knowledge they need to stay calm and to raise emotionally intelligent kids who will thrive in today’s world.

Come along on her adventure and discover all the secrets and tools you need to raise tough, aware, kind-hearted kids right from the start.

What’s it going to be?

– Pick your path and start your journey –

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