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Hi, conscious mom!

I help moms apply emotional intelligence to foster POSITIVE PARENTING methods and raise thriving kids.

Transformation & Emotional Intelligence coach
+ yoga teacher

in Motherhood

Emotional intelligence is not just a BENIFICIAL TRAIT in motherhood; it’s absolutely ESSENTIAL. Mastering emotional intelligence allows mothers to navigate the complex emotional landscapes of both themselves and their children effectively. This skill is pivotal in understanding and RESPONDING to children’s needs sensitively and appropriately, which is crucial for their emotional and psychological development.

Armed with high EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, mothers can maintain PATIENCE, exhibit EMPATHY, and HANDLE THE STRESS and joys of parenting with commendable RESILIENCE. Such capabilities enable them to foster a nurturing environment where their children can thrive emotionally, socially, and academically. In essence, the higher a mother’s emotional intelligence, the BETTER EQUIPED she is to raise well-rounded and emotionally healthy individuals.


Journaling & positive affirmations have a positive effect on your mindset and boost your emotional intelligence. It’s n easy tool to handle emotions, reflect on actions and explore your dreams.

To help MOMS like you discover how journaling can support and enrich their motherhood journey I designed the perfect MOM-JOURNAL. This journal will enhance your emotional intelligence and supports your journey with challenges, quotes and tips along the way.

All of my books are consciously created to support mindfulness, re-program your brain, or teach life lessons and support a positive mindset & emotional intelligence.

Through the LENS of motherhood, we discover that emotional intelligence is the ART OF finding CALM amidst the storms of life.

Bridging the gap between being a mom & emotional intelligence

Being a MOM is so much more than just parenting. It’s about being a role model, maintaining your own identity, and balancing your different roles without losing yourself. Naturally, every mom wants to raise their child in the best possible way.

In your parenting journey, fostering emotional intelligence in children equips them with the skills to understand and express their feelings, leading to healthier communication and emotional resilience as they grow. Teaching your child about emotional intelligence is therefore crucial. It not only helps them manage their emotions but also nurtures resilience, enabling them to thrive in today’s world. I’m here to support your personal growth and guide you in your parenting journey, offering various tools and programs to enhance this essential skill.

MOTHERHOOD reveals that the true ESSENCE of emotional intelligence is found in the quiet moments of CONNECTION and UNDERSTANDING.

Hi, I’m Eileen

Professionally I am an certified coach, yoga teacher and nutritionist. But above that all, I am a mom, wife, woman, friend, and entrepeneur. I love to mix it all up and use my knowledge where needed. So that is what you can expect when you work with me. It will be a colorful mix of emotional intelligence, mindset, yoga, NLP and positive communication. Because of this expertise I am the perfect guide for holistic positive parenting.

My passion lies in empowering moms with young children (specifically those aged 2 to 8), to not only nurture their little ones mindfully and positively, but also to empower yourself as a mom and as a woman on her own.

MY MISSION as a mom & entrepeneur is clear: I want to equip moms with the tools and knowledge they need to stay calm and to raise emotionally intelligent kids who will thrive in today’s world.

Come along on my adventure and discover all the secrets and tools you need to raise tough, aware, kind-hearted kids right from the start.

Balancing mind talks, FOR MOMS

Through my podcast channel, I share valuable information, insights and practical tips about the importance of emotional intelligence and motherhood.

By tuning in to the weekly Balancing Mind Talks for moms, you’ll learn more about yourself and journey through motherhood with more gratitude and awareness, thereby increasing your self-love.

We also delve into practical tips that you can immediately integrate into your family-life. It’s the place to effortlessly gain more knowledge and inspiration on emotional intelligence and motherhood struggles. Start your journey not only for yourself, but to empower your family connection as well!